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stuff by lumoslindsay

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Welcome to myljstuff. This is where lumoslindsay posts her layouts, icons, FO banners, and the occasional profile table. I do not take requests nor do I take money for layouts. Please do not ask. Also please do not bother asking for *the* community layout.

If you use anything - you do not have to credit me but please don't claim anything as your own or as someone else's. I would be very happy though if you did link back to myljstuff. If something I've made requires outside credit, please respect that and give credit to them accordingly.

myljstuff banners can be found by clicking here

You may modify any layout here but I will not help you do so. You may not take my overrides, modify them slightly, and repost them in a layout community unless you give credit to me for the original overrides. As long as you do so, you are free to use any overrides without asking.
Resource post is here